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Alameda Health Consortium member health centers now serve more than 2700,000 people—more than two-thirds of the low-income population in Alameda County.

The 8 Alameda Health Consortium member health centers operate more than 95 locations across the East Bay. These maps provide information on health center locations by county, state, and federal legislative districts in Alameda County.

 Maps of health centers by Alameda County Board of  Supervisors

  • BOS District 1 Map – Supervisor Scott Haggerty
  • BOS District 2 Map – Supervisor Richard Valle
  • BOS District 3 Map – Supervisor Wilma Chan
  • BOS District 4 Map – Supervisor Nate Miley
  • BOS District 5 Map – Supervisor Keith Carson


 Maps of health centers by State Assembly District

  • 15th Assembly District – Assemblymember Buffy Wicks
  • 16th Assembly District – Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer Kahan
  • 18th Assembly District – Assemblymember Rob Bonta
  • 20th Assembly District – Assemblymember Bill Quirk
  • 25th Assembly District – Assemblymember Kansen Chu


Maps of health centers by State Senate District 

  • 7th Senate District – Senator Steve Glazer
  • 9th Senate District – Senator Nancy Skinner
  • 10th Senate District – Senator Bob Wieckowski


Data of health centers by US House of Representatives