Integrated Behavioral Health

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What is behavioral Health?

The term “behavioral health” in this context means the promotion of mental health, resilience and wellbeing; the treatment of mental and substance use disorders; and the support of those who experience and/or are in recovery from these conditions, along with their families and communities. ¹


What does Integrated Behavioral Health Look like at our health centers?

Integrated behavioral health (IBH) is the collaboration between primary care and behavioral healthcare under one roof. All 8 of our member federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) offer comprehensive and culturally-aligned behavioral health services in-house.



Learn more about how Axis Community Health Center addressed Behavioral Health during the COVID-19 pandemic.


How does AHC/CHCN support the community’s behavioral health needs?

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Trauma-Informed Care

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Watch the San Francisco State University Equity & Justice Focused IBH Training Project series HERE.