Access to HIV Services

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Access to HIV Services

Primary Medical Care

Nearly 6,500 people in Alameda County are living with HIV/AIDS. HIV ACCESS is a thriving network of community health centers and hospital-based health clinics working together to ensure that all people living with HIV in Alameda County receive high quality, affordable primary medical care.

The HIV ACCESS network is funded by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, Part C. Bay Area Community Health is the Part C recipient, and the Alameda Health Consortium is the administrator and coordinator of training and technical assistance, and evaluation and data collection. HIV ACCESS is comprised of seven primary care clinics at five agencies:

Every HIV ACCESS site offers a full range of early intervention and primary care services, including antibody testing and counseling, state-of-the-art laboratory monitoring, antiretroviral therapy, and treatment of opportunistic infections, malignancies, and co-morbid conditions.

Working together, the HIV ACCESS health centers provide a level and quality of care far greater than what each would be able to offer alone. In 2018, HIV ACCESS provided primary medical care and supportive services to approximately 1,300 people living with HIV. We are proud to report that 98% of our clients were prescribed antiretroviral therapy (ART) and 90% achieved viral load suppression. In addition to improving overall health outcomes, viral load suppression effectively eliminates the possibility of transmission to sexual partners. Our care teams continue to work hard to engage clients in care and reduce barriers to treatment.

Dental Care

Good oral health is a critical part of overall health, and is especially critical for people living with HIV. Yet people living with HIV continue to face tremendous social stigma when seeking dental care. The Alameda Health Consortium is committed to improving access to affordable dental care for all people, including people living with HIV. We work with a network of committed dental providers who serve people with HIV:

All providers offer confidential services, including general dentistry, cleanings, screenings, and oral examinations. Some sites also offer specialized services, including crown, bridge, and prosthetic work, extractions, dentures, oral surgery, and limited endodontics and periodontics. Services are federally funded under the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, Part A.

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