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We prioritize programs that expand access to care and improve health quality and outcomes. These include keeping the community covered by advancing and streamlining enrollment into Medi-Cal, Covered California and HealthPAC. We focus on access to HIV/AIDS services in addition to primary medical, behavioral and dental care and community health and wellness.



We believe that everyone has a right to quality, affordable health care regardless of race, income or immigration status.  Disease and sickness recognize neither borders nor documentation. #Health4All makes for smart public health.  

Oral Health

More people than ever have insurance that includes a dental benefit. People with good oral health are more job ready, have greater self-esteem and better overall health. “My dental services are as vital to me as my medical care and part of the blood work I do. Dental care is a necessary part of life. […]

Access to HIV Services

Primary Medical Care Nearly 6,500 people in Alameda County are living with HIV/AIDS. HIV ACCESS is a thriving network of community health centers and hospital-based health clinics working together to ensure that all people living with HIV in Alameda County receive high quality, affordable primary medical care. The HIV ACCESS network is funded by the Ryan White […]

Eligibility & Enrollment

The Alameda Health Consortium coordinates eligibility and enrollment efforts with our eight community health centers to ensure that patients successfully enroll in Medi-Cal, CalFresh, Covered California, HealthPAC (Health Program of Alameda County), and other public health coverage programs for which they are eligible. The Alameda Health Consortium’s Eligibility and Enrollment Department provides our member community health centers […]