Bay Area Community Health (BACH) recognizes the importance of collaborating with faith-based organizations (FBOs) to address healthcare access and promote health among underserved populations. The involvement of FBOs can indeed be […]

  On July 13th, 2023, Axis Community Health held a groundbreaking ceremony at their anticipated new clinic site in downtown Livermore. Axis was honored with the presence of a diverse […]

During Pride Month, Yugi Albior, TransVision Program Supervisor, at Bay Area Community Health (BACH), received an esteem recognition from Assemblymember Alex Lee, District 24. Yugi plays an essential role in […]

Our community health centers are mission-driven to provide the most accessible and equitable healthcare to all who walk through their doors. They have always provided quality care to all members […]

Blog Contribution: LifeLong Medical Care LifeLong Medical Care’s Associate Medical Director in Richmond, Dr. Nathan Stern, says they provide “really competent, patient-centered, lovely care.” Dr. Becky McEntee describes them as […]

Through organized efforts with California Primary Care Association and our member health centers, Alameda Health Consortium attended the annual Day at Capitol advocacy activities in Sacramento in April 2023. We […]

Our community health centers employ providers that are not only mission-driven to provide the most equitable and accessible care to our most historically marginalized communities at all times, but they […]