Take Advantage of our “New” Online Authorization Submission Tool

CHCN has a convenient and secure online authorization tool which enables providers to submit efficient and timely requests, allowing them to concentrate on patient care.  The tool provides faster response time; in most cases, urgent requests will be processed immediately and you can do real time status checks of authorization requests.

Online Authorization Submission allows the provider to enter an outpatient authorization request directly onto our HIPAA compliant website without using any special software. The request is loaded directly into our system and held for pending clinical review. Using Authorization Submission expedites both the processing of the authorization request and approving the service requested.

CHCN encourages our community clinics and contracted network providers to sign-up and become a registered user. By doing so, CHCN will do an onsite hands-on staff training, giving providers immediate access to submit authorization requests and up load medical documents to support the request.

1. You must register to become a user on the secure provider portal at https://portal.chcnetwork.org.
2. You will require access to a Windows PC with the Internet Explorer web browser.
3. You must have the capability to upload documents that pertain to the processing of the request in MS Word or PDF format. 

If you are interested in the Online Authorization Submission Tool and would like to become a registered user, or have questions, please feel free to contact Mary Hammock, UM Manager at (510) 297-0287.

Please note that Authorization determinations are made based on medical necessity and appropriateness, and reflect the application of CHCN’s approved review criteria guidelines.