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Our Member CHCs on the Front Lines During COVID-19

Photo: LifeLong Medical Care

Developments relating to the Coronavirus are changing rapidly and our community health centers have had to quickly adapt to a new way of working. Historically, CHCs have been at the forefront of serving our most underserved community members. Currently, our CHCs are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic response.

Our community health centers are used to working within the confines of limited resources and have the fortitude to handle something we’ve never seen before in ways that continue to uphold the dignity of our most vulnerable community members. This virus will pass, but what remains behind is how we as a society remembered our humanity and cared for our most vulnerable, something our CHCs do every single day.

These are just a few images to illustrate how our CHCs continue to find opportunities to continue to serve their patients during this unprecedented time.

From left to right, Asian Health Services’ dental team, Axis Community Health’s drive-thru food distribution, Dr. Chavez-Johnson, La Clinica, LifeLong Medical Care, Native American Health Center thanking their staff, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center screening staff, Tri-City Health Center front line staff.

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