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Native American Health Center’s Indigenous Pathways in Wellness Program

Blog Contribution by Native American Health Center (NAHC)

Our Indigenous Pathways in Wellness program is for self-identifying Native American adults (18+ yrs) living in the greater Bay Area (NAHC membership not required). We have developed a 12-week, weekly, online Indigenous support group starting January 27, 2022 from 5 – 6:30pm. This will be an open group with series of topics.

We seek to promote healing by creating relationships with others and the land surrounding us. Indigenous oral traditions are passed down to help create wellness. This holistic Indigenous approach to prevention and wellness allows for Indigenous knowledge to be shared by therapists and members. Topics will address many aspects of wellness, with all ceremonial traditions observed, including opening and closing prayers, usage of medicines, and traditional wellness activities. Indigenous presenters have been invited to share their traditional knowledge.

Please contact the number on the flyer to find out how you can attend.

You can learn more about Native American Health Center HERE.