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NAHC partnered with Kaiser Permanente to create a photo library

“The photo session event project with Kaiser Permanente’s media team was a unique and fun way for providers to engage with our patients. We shared many smiles and laughs together and connected in a way that goes beyond the exam room.” – Vay Hoang, Nurse Practitioner

In December, Native American Health Center (NAHC) partnered with Kaiser Permanente for a photo session with NAHC providers and patients. The goal of this session was to develop a photo library representing Native Americans and the other diverse communities that NAHC serves.

“Our photo session project with the Kaiser Permanente media team helped us create beautiful, candid images of our provider team interacting with patients. The images will help us develop collateral that is inclusive of community and will be reflective of the population that we serve, which is underrepresented and oftentimes unseen.” – Chirag Patel, Director of Planning & Development

You can learn more about Native American Health Center HERE.

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