Message from the CEO, Ralph Silber – Dec. 2012

Tuesday, November 6th was a momentous day for health care in our country.  With the re-election of President Barack Obama, we now know that we can safely continue to prepare for the Affordable Care Act rollout in 2014.  Part of that preparation is to continue to enroll and retain patients in Medi-Cal and HealthPAC, but to also make sure we get these members into our clinics for at least one visit.  With the coming Medi-Cal expansion in 2014, patients will have more choices in where they can receive their health care; we want them to be familiar with our clinics and the excellent service they can receive there.

Nearer on our horizon is the Healthy Families transition to Medi-Cal scheduled to begin January 1, 2013.  Healthy Families members will receive two notices prior to the change.  We’re anticipating that PCP assignments will remain the same for members after the transition, but there will be changes to dental, vision, and behavioral health.  Njeri McGee-Tyner, AHC Eligibility & Enrollment Director, and Rhonda Aubrey, CHCN COO, are both working with membership staff at the clinics to support a smooth transition.   If you have any questions about the Healthy Families transition you can email either Njeri ( or Rhonda ( for more information.

Finally, on behalf of everyone at Alameda Health Consortium and Community Health Center Network, I’d like to wish you all a Happy Holiday and New Year.