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La Clínica Vaccinating Latinx & Mam Populations

In addition to providing community-targeted vaccination at their 32 locations across the Bay Area, La Clínica has started offering a Mayan interpreter for the Mam speaking community members at their vaccination site in the Fruitvale location of Oakland on Thursdays.

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La Clínica also partnered with the Oakland Fire Department in order to help increase vaccine capacity in Fruitvale, an area that has been hit the hardest in the Bay Area by COVID. They’re seeing upwards of 500 patients and community members a day thanks to this partnership and support from the Oakland Fire Department – Local 55.

Last but certainly not least in their COVID response journey, La Clínica recently hosted Spanish-speaking media, Univision, to share more about their work in helping to dispel vaccine misinformation and address vaccine hesitancy within the Latinx community.

– You can watch the story HERE.

Click on the images below to see La Clínica’s partnership with the Local 55 in action.