EHR Rollouts Building Momentum!

By Mark O’Leary

The hard work that CHCN clinics have been putting into their EHR implementation projects is paying off as more clinics launch their initial go lives of the NextGen EHR product.

Axis Community Health is building off their successful launch in April by incorporating the lessons learned as they launch additional care teams (clinical and administrative staff).  Axis currently has a majority of their care teams on EHR.

West Oakland Health Council launched their first care team in June at their West Oakland location and launched a second team in July.  LifeLong Medical Care launched their Berkeley Primary Care site in July and is planning on the next go live in the early fall.

The remaining clinics are still determining their final go live dates and have been working hard on the configuration, training, and testing of their EHR systems.

All of the clinics remain committed to collaboration and sharing of ideas, practices, lessons learned, and even solutions for all aspects of the NextGen implementation projects – IT, EPM, and EHR.  Several new working groups are underway and participation in the group discussion calls remains strong.  This focus on collaboration should prove increasingly valuable as all the CHCN clinics build on the implementation momentum and start to concentrate on optimization and leveraging their new EHR systems to improve patient access to quality care.