CHCN hosts Change Management Training

Hunter Gatewood, LSW, LCSW
Amanda Heidemann, MD

CHCN was proud to host a workshop on managing change in the healthcare setting, with an emphasis on transitioning to electronic health records (EHR). The first speaker of the day was Hunter Gatewood, LSW, LCSW; Director of Health Improvement at San Francisco Health Plan (SFHP). Hunter discussed his Four Big Ideas to help leaders understand and manage big changes. He provided effective tools and strategies for leaders to work with their staff to plan and test new processes. The second speaker, Amanda Heidemann, MD, is a Physician Consultant for NextGen Healthcare Information Systems. Dr. Heidemann taught group facilitation skills, consensus building strategies, and communication techniques for successful leadership. She provided a communication plan to aid the process and help develop an elevator speech. The training took place at the California Endowment in downtown Oakland, and was attended by clinicians and administrative staff from CHCN and SFHP.

Asian Health Services, from left to right Joann Wong, Kimberly Woo, Masa Tsutsumi, Dr. Mychi Nguyen, Dr. George Lee, Phyllis Pei, Dr. Nghe Yang


Native American Health Center from left to right: Susan Jamerson, MPH, Executive Director of Oakland site, Meriah Gille, RD, PM/EHR Project Manager, Ana O'Connor, Chief Operations Officer, Jan Rubin, Consultant NexGen implementation, Carolyn Brown, DDS, Dental Director of SF site