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Bay Area Community Health’s TransVision Clinic

Assemblymember Alex Lee pictured on the right

During Pride Month, Yugi Albior, TransVision Program Supervisor, at Bay Area Community Health (BACH), received an esteem recognition from Assemblymember Alex Lee, District 24. Yugi plays an essential role in giving support and service to transgender patients at BACH. In her recognition, Yugi says, “She is honored and intends to use the platform to raise awareness and remind all to share kindness, embrace self-care, and be mindful of words and actions and spread affirmations and cultivate optimism.”

BACH’s TransVision program opened its doors in 2002 for HIV Prevention Services and added trans-specific primary care services in 2010. Today, BACH provides care to more than 250 transgender patients. TransVision is an award-winning program recognized as a model both nationally and internationally. TransVision’s primary goal is to lower HIV infection rates among transwomen by increasing knowledge of HIV risk and behaviors. TransVision serves the entire LGBTQIA community. The center also improves access to trans-affirming treatment, PrEP, and primary care services. TransVision uses the Informed Consent Model of care.


All transgender patients are provided private, affordable care according to their needs, no matter their status. With one-on-one counseling, testing, and education, TransVision offers peace of mind to those who need help.

You can learn more about Bay Area Community Health’s TransVision Clinic HERE.