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Bay Area Community Health’s Commitment to Member Enrollment Assistance

Blog contribution by Bay Area Community Health

One of the many services Bay Area Community Health (BACH) provides for the community is enrollment assistance for the multiple programs available to our community members. These include services such as Medi-Cal, Covered CA, 340B Prescription Program, Comprehensive Perinatal Service Program, addressing food insecurity with CalFresh, and more.

We take pride in being able to guide our members and make sure they are receiving the best care possible – Jose Ayala

BACH’s Member Services department guides community members through the application process for these services and will also provide pertinent information including changes in coverage options. A recent change here in California is the expansion of Medi-Cal eligibility to adults, aged 50 or older, regardless of their immigration status. This means that community members who were previously ineligible for coverage or are enrolled in the programs such as the Health Program of Alameda County (HealthPAC) are now eligible to transfer to Medi-Cal regardless of their current immigration standing, and more importantly, it will not impact the future of their immigration status. Now they can access the full range of benefits, including no-cost/low-cost quality health, behavioral health, substance use disorder services, and dental services through the various delivery systems under the Medi-Cal program.

Patient Access Manager, Jose Ayala says “It can be difficult for members to gather information and go through the application process for these services. We take pride in being able to guide our members and make sure they are receiving the best care possible.” Ayala adds, “We are inspired to see the development and expansion of the covered services provided and will continue to guide and assist our members with the application process in any way we can.”

As a community-focused organization, it is a priority for BACH to ensure its members are receiving assistance programming available to them. The Member Services team is available to assist those needing additional support, including guiding members through the entire application process. Community members who are interested in learning more about services they may qualify for are encouraged to reach out to the team for more information or to schedule an appointment. Member Services can be reached by phone at: 510-770-8040 or 408-729-9700.

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