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Bay Area Community Health’s Approach to Diabetes Screening and Prevention

Blog contribution by Bay Area Community Health

Diabetes is quickly becoming one of the most common health concerns in the United States. Currently, more than ten percent of the population, 34.2 million people, are affected by this condition. More alarming, however, is the fact that roughly one in seven adults living with diabetes are unaware of it.

Although Type 1 Diabetes is not as preventable as Type 2, both can be managed and treated. The best way to go about management and prevention is to focus on our daily habits, such as drinking enough water, exercising regularly, and limiting the intake of sugar and refined carbs.

Since 1986 the American Diabetes Association has been combatting this condition and helping its patients with treatment and prevention education. One of the ways they do this is recognizing American Diabetes Association Alert Day, which is observed on the fourth Tuesday of every March. This day is used to remind the importance of diabetes awareness and health screenings, especially if one is considered at risk.

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Bay Area Community Health (BACH) takes an active role in this management and prevention for its community members by not only helping provide healthy food through distribution programs like the Food Farmacy but also providing risk assessments and screenings, such as the two events held at this year’s alert day, March, 22 that help identify and diagnose patients who are at risk or already experiencing Diabetes. These types of screenings take place at Diabetes specific events and community events such as food distribution and health fairs.

BACH takes a proactive approach to healthcare by recognizing that our goal is to help maintain a healthy community with not only treatment but also prevention. By promoting the importance of health screenings and recognizing things like American Diabetes Association Alert Day, we encourage our members to take a proactive role in their healthcare. Together, we can build and sustain a healthy community. For more information or to perform an at-home screening, you are encouraged to visit https://www.diabetes.org/risk-test.

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