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Bay Area Community Health Gets a Visit from Supervisor Haubert

Blog Contribution by Bay Area Community Health

Supervisor Haubert visits Homeless Street Medicine Program

For over 30 years, Bay Area Community Health (BACH) has implemented programs that serve homeless individuals in Alameda County.  For example, for the past six years, in collaboration with Abode Services, BACH has implemented homeless street medicine outreach, enabling services, short-term case management, integrated health care services, and support services/referrals for homeless individuals in central, eastern, and southern Alameda County. The Homeless Street Medical Team Program grew out of the HOPE (Homeless Outreach for People Empowerment) Mobile Health Clinic, a partnership with Abode Services that began in 1999. BACH has been successful in achieving its overall goal of improving the health and well-being of residents experiencing homelessness by conducting direct street outreach, providing clinical services where patients can be engaged, and increasing access to harm reduction, patient stabilization and related services, including referrals to health care and housing providers and support in engaging with those providers.  In 2021, 787 homeless individuals received services.

Alameda County Board Supervisor, District 1, David Haubert visited our Homeless Street Medicine team at Vallejo Mills Park. The Supervisor was very impressed with the BACH’s work with our Homeless community and challenged all elected officials in Southern Alameda County to take a tour with BACH at Vallejo Mills Park encampment.

Watch a video short of the visit


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