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Bay Area Community Health Announces New Pharmacy Openings

Blog contribution: Bay Area Community Health

As of April 1st, 2024, Bay Area Community Health (BACH) launched two on-site contract pharmacies to improve patient service in both Alameda County and Santa Clara. BACH Pharmacy North is situated at 40924A Fremont Blvd, Irvington Dave Clinic II, while BACH Pharmacy South was nestled within the new McKee Clinic at 3055 McKee Road.

“With the new on-site pharmacy, patients can conveniently fill prescriptions immediately after their doctor’s appointment without having to make an additional trip to a pharmacy at a different location,” highlights BACH Clinical Manager Charanjit Cheema. Additionally, patients will also have the opportunity to sign up and have their medication delivered right to their doorstep within 48 hours.

Additionally, our pharmacist partners are ready to provide personalized consultations … – Beant Kaur

Cheema adds that this new development will further ensure that all our patients have access to care and medication, especially those who might face mobility issues or have limited transportation options. “With many of our patients being unhoused and unable to store meds in certain temperatures or carry multiple med containers, the providers will be able to prescribe the combo drugs or a smaller quantity to the patients, something bigger pharmacies are not able to do.”

BACH Clinic Manager Beant Kaur comments that the on-site pharmacy will be a game-changer for our patients and will reduce stress and costs significantly. With healthpac coverage concerns, having a pharmacy within our facility streamlines the process, making medication access more convenient.

If this is not exciting enough, our patients will be able to stay on track with their medication use and receive gentle reminders from the pharmacy to refill and help with medication adherence so they never miss a dose.

“Additionally, our pharmacist partners are ready to provide personalized consultations, addressing any questions our patients may have about their medications,” adds Cheema. “This will encourage patients to adhere to their regimens since they can receive counseling and education about their medication promptly.”

“One of the main advantages of having an on-site pharmacy is the opportunity to build trust and develop personal relationships with our patients. By having a pharmacy within our facility, we can provide a more comprehensive and integrated approach to patient care,” adds Kaur.

She explains that this will help bridge the gap between different healthcare providers and ensure better coordination and integration of treatment plans, ultimately leading to enhanced continuity of care.

Cheema elaborates that this close partnership between pharmacists and providers, they will be able to communicate closely about the contraindications and ensure better coordination and integration of treatment plans.

Moreover, when it comes to confidentiality, she explains that our patients may feel more comfortable discussing their medications and health concerns with pharmacists in a familiar and private setting within the health facility, especially our CARE patients or Transvision patients. This will then further encourage medication adherence.

In conclusion, the introduction of on-site pharmacies at BACH represents a significant milestone in our commitment to providing accessible, comprehensive healthcare to our community. With convenient access to medications, personalized consultations, and enhanced coordination of care, our patients can expect a seamless and supportive healthcare experience. We look forward to the positive impact these pharmacies will have on patient outcomes and well-being, further solidifying BACH’s dedication to ensuring accessible healthcare for all, regardless of income and immigration status.

You can learn more about BACH HERE.