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Axis Multi-Service Center in Livermore Gets A Refresh

Blog contributed by Axis Community Health 

Liz Perez-Howe, Axis CEO, delivering a speech at the MSC ribbon cutting

On a rainy December 1st, The City of Livermore hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the newly renovated Multi-Service Center (MSC) that houses Axis’ Pacific Ave. clinic in Livermore along with other social service organizations. The Livermore Multi-Service Center’s (MSC) mission is to help individuals, teens, and families to improve the quality of their lives. Axis CEO, Liz Perez-Howe delivered a touching speech that celebrated when Axis first opened the clinic in the 1980s and reminisced on a previous renovation that happened in the 1990s. In her speech, Ms. Perez-Howe explained, “When someone becomes a patient at Axis, they are accessing all we have to offer—medical, dental, mental health, acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition, enrollment assistance, care coordination.  We are a medical home, and the MSC is a safety-net home.”

Christine Beitsch-Bahmani, City Serve CEO, cutting the ribbon with various members of the community.

Axis’ Pacific Ave. site has over 9,000 visits a year providing services for 3,500 patients. This location is a vital access point for the 40% of Axis’ patients who live in Livermore and are near the bus service which is important for one-third of Axis patients who do not have cars. In addition, it is ideal for accessing other community services at the MSC. The center provides a variety of resources and information regarding social services. Several non-profits, state, and county services are able to use the center as a workspace.

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