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Axis Community Health Inspires Future Community Health Professionals

Axis Community Health and the Pleasanton Unified School District have joined forces to ignite students’ interest for community health. This strategic partnership aims to inspire young minds to give back to their community by choosing a rewarding career in the field of healthcare, emphasizing the critical role community health professionals play in promoting well-being and equity.

Earlier this month, Axis’ Director of Communications and Community Engagement, Mary Grace Gomilla, spoke at Foothill and Amador High Schools in Pleasanton. “While Pleasanton is generally known to be an affluent area, there are still people here who need safety-net services. It is important for the students to understand how diverse our community is, and we are hoping to inspire the next generation of community health care heroes,” says Gomilla. Students were informed of several student loan forgiveness and repayment options designed to alleviate the burden of student loans while allowing practitioners to make a positive impact in underserved communities!

Healthcare delivery systems, including community health centers are grappling with critical healthcare workforce shortages. Sharing more about the incentives and community connections of working in a community health center setting is one way to build a pipeline of dedicated staff committed to working with underserved populations. 

Learn more about Axis Community Health HERE.