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Axis Celebrates New Clinic Site Groundbreaking


1. From left to right: James Paxson (Axis Board Chair) Heriberto Revuelta (Axis Chief Operating Officer), Mayor John Marchand (Livermore), Mayor Melissa Hernandez (Dublin), Liz Perez-Howe (Axis Chief Executive Officer), Mayor Karla Brown (Pleasanton), Dr. Dawnell Moody (Axis Chief Medical Officer), Dr. Patrice Lane (Axis Chief Dental Officer) – Photo taken by the Independent

On July 13th, 2023, Axis Community Health held a groundbreaking ceremony at their anticipated new clinic site in downtown Livermore. Axis was honored with the presence of a diverse group of attendees that included elected officials, donors, and community partners. Despite the sweltering heat, the overwhelming support from the community and the presence of all three Tri-Valley mayors (Mayor Karla Brown from Pleasanton, Mayor Melissa Hernandez from Dublin, and Mayor John Marchand from Livermore) underscored the significance of this occasion.

Liz Perez-Howe, Axis’s Chief Executive Officer, welcoming and thanking groundbreaking attendees for their support. – Photo taken by the Independent

The forthcoming renovations, scheduled to begin in August 2023 and conclude in summer 2024, represent a monumental step forward for Axis Community Health. In the face of the unprecedented challenges posed by the ongoing Covid-19-related issues, Axis’s team worked tirelessly to turn this visionary dream into a resounding reality. The new clinic, nestled at 1686 Second Street in downtown Livermore, boasts a strategic location with convenient street parking and access through public transportation. Axis’s new clinic enables them to extend their reach and provide vital healthcare services to an additional 5,600 patients each year. The goal is to address the overwhelming demand for accessible healthcare in the Tri-Valley community, effectively double their capacity for affordable dental care, and offer indispensable primary care, behavioral health, and enrollment services. Axis is incredibly grateful for the community’s support and is excited about expanding healthcare accessibility in their community.

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