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Asian Health Services Opens Multilingual Multicultural COVID-19 Testing Site

Image: Sherry Hirota, CEO, Asian Health Services

Asian Health Services (AHS) celebrates the launch of their Asian multilingual, multicultural COVID-19 testing site at Madison Park in Oakland, California. This testing site is free and open to all. At the site, AHS staff provide tests, care, referrals, and compassion in twelve Asian languages. Dr. Thu Quach, Chief Deputy of Administration, who leads the Test Site Team with Ms. Ingrid Lamirault, spoke passionately about the importance of the Test Site dedicated to the AAPI community, “Our own research and experience indicate that our lower case numbers point to a lack of access to tests. AHS’ stellar staff are trusted in this community. By providing not just the tests, but the care in Asian languages and cultures, our team aims to break down those barriers to access.”

“To our beloved immigrant community, this is a place that you can trust… to also support you to give you resources… Support in 14 different languages, this is a place where you will be heard and understood.” – Mayor Libby Schaaf

“This site is a tremendous resource for everybody. This is a place for total care… You will receive care that is culturally competent and today we are making history in the city of Oakland, county and state.” – Councilmember Nikki Fortunado Bas.

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