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Asian Health Services’ Dental Innovation

Blog Contribution: Asian Health Services

With prevention as one of the core principles in delivering healthcare, Asian Health Services’ dental clinic is at it again with their latest innovation. The dental program at Asian Health Services recently began a pilot remote prevention program for the children ages 0-6yrs who are identified as.

    • Having moderate or high risk for cavities
    • Do not live in Oakland and Alameda
    • Parents who can receive video-telehealth

Patients who meet the above criteria will receive a fluoride varnish and toothbrush kit in the mail and staff will also set up a videoconference with the parents. At this videoconference, the dental provider reviews the treatment plan, provides dental education on tooth brushing and flossing, explains the procedure, and obtains consent, and coach parents on how to apply fluoride varnish to their child’s teeth, all while being closely monitored by the provider. Post-operative instruction is also given after parents are done with the application.

“We are doing this to help parents not to have to drive to clinic since the program is open only to those who live outside of Oakland. The clinic wait time is now 6 months, this program helps open more in-clinic appointment slots for other patients who need to come in. Additionally, we believe by having parents apply varnish on their own children, the parents are empowered to take ownership of their children’s oral health.”

You can learn more about Asian Health Services HERE.