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West Oakland Health’s Fatherhood Initiative Partnership

West Oakland Health is proud to be a part of Father Initiative through the Health Program of Alameda County (HealthPAC) aimed at strengthening families and communities by lifting up fathers and the roles they play as part of healthy family dynamics.

The Alameda County Fatherhood Initiative promotes responsible fatherhood and healthy relationships through parenting education and skill building. It provides male-centered case management and care coordination through support programs. The goal of the initiative is to increase men’s access and use of local health care and wraparound services, as well as strengthen and enhance existing services through capacity building, training, and health promotion campaigns.

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The Fathers Corps component of the initiative helps agencies and clinics like West Oakland Health by providing training, resources, assistance, and tools on how to better engage and support fathers. It incentivizes clinics to make organizational changes and offer health services that are inclusive of fathers and engage them in health. West Oakland Health Council is committed to building support systems that encourage healthy fatherhood and has implemented clinic practices and organizational changes to be more father friendly.

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