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West Oakland Health Thanks Their Volunteers

West Oakland Health continues to be a resource for COVID-19 testing and now for COVID-19 vaccinations. They’re currently providing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine (1 dose) and the Moderna vaccine (2 doses) by appointment only at their COVID-19 vaccination site. They rolled out their vaccine program on January 11, 2021 and have been moving full steam ahead since day one. Much of this has been made possible with the help of their amazing volunteers.

West Oakland Health is so proud of, and grateful to, the volunteers that have been a crucial part of making testing and vaccinations possible

West Oakland Health Volunteers

throughout the pandemic. West Oakland is fortunate to have volunteers who are committed to making an impact in curbing this pandemic. “To our many volunteers at the West Oakland Health Council, we say thank you and we appreciate your commitment to our patient population and the residents of Alameda County.”

For all COVID-19 vaccination information please visit their site HERE.