The Biggest Loser© Comes to CHCN

by Joi Wilson

The Alameda Health Consortium and the Community Health Center Network take pride in the fact that they promote health and wellness among its staff.  Our most recent healthy activity was starting a voluntary Biggest Loser© style weight-loss competition among staff. 

Twenty-one brave souls weighed-in on February 29th and are competing to have the largest percentage of weight loss by May 31st.  While the Biggest Loser television show has more of a severe, win at all costs vibe; our employees support each other by promoting break-time walks around the block or up and down the stairwells, and discouraging unhealthy afternoon snacks.  While there can only be one winner of the competition everyone is a winner if they lose some weight.

If you’re interested in starting a weight-loss competition similar to this one at your company, please email me at for more details.