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Mask On To Move On


Due to the rise in COVID cases and the updated Alameda County guidelines around face coverings, Alameda Health Consortium is complementing public health efforts to:

    • Distribute 25,000 face coverings
    • Provide education and outreach about the necessity of face coverings through a public awareness campaign that will appeal to the diverse communities that make up Alameda County. Our goal is to combat the misinformation and negative association surrounding face masks and instead highlight the need for face coverings if we have any chance of moving on with our lives – “Mask On to Move On!”
    • Launch a COVID-19 hotline number for all COIVD-related questions and resources
      • 510.297.0499

About the outreach campaign

By working with the local East Bay artist Lena Wolff, whose works include the “United Against Hate” posters as well as the VOTE! For Democracy posters, and Graphic Designer, Masami Chin, we came up with different scenarios that help graphically depict people living their lives whilst wearing face coverings. Our intent was to show joy and movement through soft colors and comfortable settings. It’s the world we’re all hoping can happen – if we all work together to make it happen. The printed and digital posters have launched in three languages – English, Spanish and Chinese – followed soon by Vietnamese, Korean and Tagalog.  We are currently working on translations in Mam and potentially 1-2 African languages.

Additionally, W. Kamau Bell has joined the campaign as our inaugural post and as a community role model. Mr. Bell’s masked selfie with a personal message was launched quite successfully on our social media on Wednesday, August 5.  Finally, we are bilaterally sharing with the County Department of Public Health, the City of Berkeley, and community-based organizations like East Bay Getting to Zero so that we work in tandem to get out the message and amplify each other’s efforts.

Learn more about the campaign by following and sharing our social media posts!

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