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LifeLong Medical Care Launches New Website

In July, LifeLong Medical Care launched its redesigned website, created in collaboration with Exygy, who partners with social impact organizations to design and build technology that improves lives. The result is one of those rare team efforts that’s made everybody happy. “We needed a website that was more user friendly, that made it easier for patients to access care. We wanted it to have better mobile access and be more interactive,” says Kyle Russ, LifeLong’s Senior Marketing Communications Associate.

We needed a website that was more user friendly – Kyle Russ, LifeLong

For Exygy, working with LifeLong provided an opportunity to understand and support the website needs of a community healthcare organization. “Exygy strives to make a positive social impact. As we work with more and more healthcare providers, we’re seeing patterns of inequity across healthcare,” says Exygy’s Director of Product, Michael Enslow. “Equitable access to information is the focal point that we design and build for. For example, from a design standpoint, we look at things like color contrast to make sure that folks who have vision impairment can more easily navigate the information,” Enslow says. “Working with LifeLong, it just feels like they’re interested in what we’re interested in.”

The clean modern design has paid off, even in the short time since the new lifelongmedical.org launched. “It looks like people are accessing information more easily,” Russ says. “They’re not jumping through a bazillion hoops to get to where they need to go.” Enslow says that the company looks forward to doing similar redesigns for other healthcare organizations like LifeLong. “Our hope is that next time we can have an impact on the communities that healthcare organizations like LifeLong serve, while being even more budget-efficient and sustainable in the process.”