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La Clínica Unveils New School-Based Wellness Center

Blog contribution by La Clínica

La Clínica Unveils New Fremont Wellness Center at Fremont High School in Oakland

La Clinica Wellness Center, Oakland

Across California, August is back to school time. As hundreds of students across Oakland begin classes and many head back to the classroom for in person learning, questions about COVID-19 safety figure prominently for all.

As a community health center with 8 school-based health centers, La Clínica is committed to providing students and their families the health care services they need to keep themselves healthy and safe. We’re happy to announce the recent renovation of our Fremont Wellness Center located at Fremont High School in Oakland. This new and beautifully renovated modernized space will serve students and young people during the ongoing pandemic and beyond.

Our Fremont Wellness Center uses an integrated care model to provide holistic comprehensive support for its patients. This health center will continue to offer behavioral health services to students as well as medical services. Services are always free of charge and available to all Fremont High students, regardless of citizenship and insurance status.

La Clinica Pop-up Vaccination Site

As part of our ongoing efforts to expand vaccination education and outreach, especially amongst adolescents, staff from our Fuente Wellness Center at REACH Ashland Youth Center hosted its 2nd COVID-19 vaccine pop-up. Through this event we were able to bring more than 124 vaccines to the community in unincorporated Ashland.

We will continue working to bring COVID-19 vaccine access to the community at large with a focus on young people through these pop-up vaccine clinics. We’re heartened by the recent full FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine and hope it can encourage more in our communities to trust the science behind vaccines and help all those who are still on the fence to make an informed decision about getting a vaccine.

Through this ongoing work we can help ensure that young people, their families, and community members have the resources they need to be healthy and thrive in school.

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