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Black History Month Highlight: Irvington Dave Clinic

Contributed by Bay Area Community Health

In 1849, two freed slaves from Louisiana were brought west to a place now known as the Irvington District of Fremont by an abolitionist. Local history says that the two African Americans established a place to eat and drink near a junction of the road that is known today as “The Corners” or “Five Corners.” History recorded this early entrepreneurial business as the most respected, popular, and best remembered bar at the junction. Travelers found the “Five Corners” of south Fremont to be a well-located resting place run by the once enslaved settlers.

On September 9, 1850, California became the 31st state to be free of slavery. Taking his future into his own hands, Irvington Dave and his newly established business set out to meet the needs of the local area, as it became an important rout to the gold country between the larger towns surrounding him.

Irvington Dave continued to build and grow his business in the face of the Fugitive Slave Law; passed by Congress on September 18, 1850, as part of the Compromise between Southern slave-holding interests and Northern Free states. For decades, travelers stayed, grew families, and continued to develop what is now the Irvington District. The story of Irvington Dave is a faint history shadowing the “Five Corners” of Fremont.

In memoriam of south Fremont’s creation, Bay Area Community dedicated the name and service of our health clinic to one of the first business settlers of Irvington and the Five Corners area of Fremont, CA. The story of a man seeking to create a better life for himself, finding a way to be a part of the community, and in turn becoming symbolic for developing one of the most diverse communities in the area.

This is the community foundation of Irvington Dave clinic and our mission: to deliver excellent health services in a caring, nurturing, and respectful atmosphere and improving the quality of life for every individual and family in our community.

With the same mindset of diversity, community, and entrepreneurship, we have brought the namesake of Bay Area Community Health to the birthplace of tolerance, diversity, and business in South Fremont.

The Irvington Dave Clinic is dedicated to the remembrance of the man who forged a path of his own for a better life against many odds. We hope for the same passion to health and individuality and acceptance; therefore, creating The Irvington Dave Clinic of the Irvington District of Fremont, CA.

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