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Bay Area Community Health Opens New Site

Blog Contribution: Bay Area Community Health

Bay Area Community Health (BACH) celebrated a significant milestone yesterday with the opening of our newest clinic location situated at 3055 McKee Road, San Jose. This addition marks a pivotal moment in our organization’s mission to provide accessible, high-quality healthcare to all members of the community. Our network now spans 34 neighborhood clinics, ranging from Hayward to Gilroy.

Dr. Zettie Page, CEO, BACH

During his speech, Dr. Zettie Page, BACH CEO emphasized that the decision to open this new clinic was driven by a commitment to ensuring that patients in this community receive consistent care, particularly regarding transportation and hours of operation.

“This intentional effort reflects our dedication to providing access to care and maintaining the quality of services. The capital investment grant from the federal government facilitated the swift implementation of phase one of this project.”

Furthermore, Carlos Rosario, Chair of the BACH Board of Directors, emphasized the organization’s longstanding commitment to serving the Bay Area residents, spanning about 70 years cumulative before the merger.

He noted that the merger facilitated expanded coverage to underserved areas and enabled immediate investments in technology, including the implementation of electronic health records systems and the introduction of mobile health clinics, enhancing access to healthcare services.

Rosario expressed satisfaction with the progress made under the board of directors’ oversight, most of whom are also consumers. He highlighted the strides taken to establish the necessary infrastructure for BACH to serve as a stronger safety net partner and collaborator within the community.

The clinic currently has six state-of-the-art examination rooms, equipped with the latest technology and BACHs first onsite pharmacy for immediate medication access which aims to address the growing healthcare needs of the community.

Dr Page noted that during Phase 2, McKee services will expand into the adjacent space as marked on the walls and include expanding medical, Behavioral Health, Dental, and relocated corporate offices.

Aside from BACH’s board members who were in attendance, other honorary attendees at the event included Astrid Scott from the Office of California State Senator Aisha Wahab, Daniel Cao from Santa Clara County District 3 Board Supervisor Otto Lee’s Office, and Mexican Consulate Consul General, Alejandra Bologna. They presented BACH with certificates, honoring and recognizing the commendable work that BACH does.

Dr. Page also expressed gratitude towards the remarkable group of staff and leadership present at the event, acknowledging their efforts in making a high-quality healthcare delivery system accessible to all.

“I’d like to acknowledge our Public Officials, community leaders, and funders, my amazing board of directors and BACH staff, and Leaders who together make patient service delivery happen seven days a week. For this, I am humbled and honored to be your team lead.”

The launch of the new clinic location exemplifies BACH’s unwavering commitment to expanding healthcare access and improving health outcomes for all members of our community. With a diverse array of comprehensive services, a dedicated team, and a firm focus on cooperation and fairness, BACH continues to lead the way in advancing towards a healthier future for everyone.

You can learn more about BACH HERE.