Message from CEO

As 2014 Begins, Much Accomplished – and Much to Do The January 1, 2014 implementation of central provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes this a time of many transitions for Community Health Center Network and its eight member health centers. The beginning of a New Year is always a good time to reflect […]

The time is now! The implementation of the health insurance coverage expansions in the Affordable Care Act is becoming a reality. Our health centers have been “pre-enrolling” patients for the Medi-Cal expansion (through Alameda County’s Health PAC program) since July 2011. We are now doing a final “in-reach” push to identify any additional uninsured patients […]

As I mentioned in the May 2013 newsletter, the Alameda Health Consortium and Community Health Center Network, have been diligently preparing our Strategic Plan for the next 12 to 18 months because of the rapid cycle of change we have been experiencing with preparing for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in January […]

Preparing for 2014  is something we are all diligently working towards on many different levels here at AHC and CHCN. Our Board of Directors (the health centers’ CEOs) decided that this is the perfect time for us to think strategically about how to better focus our efforts and prioritize our key steps in preparing for […]

There are big changes coming to California’s health care landscape in 2014 and employees at Alameda Health Consortium and Community Health Center Network are beginning to piece together how these changes will affect our communities. Currently, our health centers see 42,125 Health Program of Alameda County (HealthPAC) members. These members are part of a program […]

Tuesday, November 6th was a momentous day for health care in our country.  With the re-election of President Barack Obama, we now know that we can safely continue to prepare for the Affordable Care Act rollout in 2014.  Part of that preparation is to continue to enroll and retain patients in Medi-Cal and HealthPAC, but […]

There are many changes on the horizon for health care, most prominently the Affordable Care Act coverage expansion in 2014.  This expansion offers many great opportunities.  First and foremost, many people in our communities will be eligible for health insurance coverage.  Now is the time to begin preparing for this monumental change.  It is important […]

CommunityHealthCenterNetwork (CHCN) recently received some exciting data from the Alameda Alliance for Health (AAH).  The data showed that our health centers performed significantly better than theAlliance’s other primary care providers in terms of the length of hospital stays and readmission rates for CompleteCare and Medi-Cal Seniors & Persons with Disabilities (SPD) members.  For example, for […]

It has been an incredible year for our CHCN health centers.  We have accomplished three major milestones: 1) The transition of Medi-Cal Seniors & Persons with Disabilities (SPDs) into mandatory managed care began in June 2011 and concluded in May 2012. Our health centers are now serving more than 11,000 SPD Medi-Cal Managed Care members. […]