As a community health center, LifeLong Medical Care is paying close attention to ten core quality measures that have a great on influence patients’ wellness. While the pandemic interrupted progress on some of those assessments, the organization has been particularly effective in screening for breast cancer. LifeLong has surpassed its own goals and has been […]

The organizers at the Oakland Museum of California have invited community partners, including our member health centers La Clinica and Native American Health Center to build an alter for their 28th annual Dia de Los Muertos Celebration. La Clinica: La Clinica’s Cultura y Bienstar is a Latin focused mental health prevention center. Their alter will […]

Blog Contribution by Bay Area Community Health Supervisor Haubert visits Homeless Street Medicine Program For over 30 years, Bay Area Community Health (BACH) has implemented programs that serve homeless individuals in Alameda County.  For example, for the past six years, in collaboration with Abode Services, BACH has implemented homeless street medicine outreach, enabling services, short-term […]

This crucial funding from Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) will help West Oakland Health increase HIV counseling and testing, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) uptake, and linkage to care within days of diagnosis, as well as deepen partnerships with community-based organizations that serve and support people who are at risk of being infected with HIV or […]

In celebration of their five decades of service to the community, Native American Health Center (NAHC) hosted its 50th Anniversary Powwow on Saturday, September 24th, 2022 at Merritt College! Powwow dancers, drummers, and vendors from across California joined the day-long event, attracting hundreds of attendees. The cultural gathering highlighted the heart of NAHC as it […]

With every dollar counting, particularly after more than two years of COVID, LifeLong Medical Care is establishing a more streamlined and efficient way for employees to serve one another. And better services for staff lead to better care for patients. LifeLong is establishing what are called Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to help staff acquire what […]

Blog contributed by Bay Area Community Health Much like with COVID-19, Bay Area Community Health (BACH) is stepping up to the front line of this fight. “Although MPX is serious, it is also both preventable and treatable” Padmaja Magadala, DHSc, MBBS, MHA, MS. BACH HIV/TransVision Program Director. Magadala highlights “BACH is working hard to stay […]

Mayra Castrejon, COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Manager at our member health center, La Clinica has a unique, intergenerational relationship with La Clinica that was captured in a recent Encore profile. Encore is a nonprofit founded on the belief that older, experienced generations and younger changemakers can work together cohesively to “…solve problems, bridge divides, and co-create […]

At a time when healthcare providers are in short supply nationwide, LifeLong Medical Care is stepping up in a major way to provide training for future practitioners in addition to nurturing its already existing talent. Julia Kelm’s relatively new role as Director of Health Professions Education & Training (HPET) is pivotal to that goal. “Workforce […]

Axis celebrated their staff during Community Health Center Week with breakfast, a catered lunch, and exclusively made Axis t-shirts! Putting their own spin on NACHC’s “The Chemistry for A Strong Community” theme, a logo was thoughtfully created to represent every element of Axis, from Accounting to WIC and everything in between. “Our staff are heroes […]