Defending our Health Care

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Defending our Health Care

On March 23rd, the 7th Anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act, Alameda Health Consortium coordinated lunchtime events at 55 health center sites across the East Bay to congratulate community health center staff for their critical contribution to building healthy communities. Several elected officials, and representatives from 9 others, went to the various sites to thank the more than 1,500 staff gathered at the simultaneous noontime events to share how Medi-Cal expansion under the ACA has boosted their ability to serve people in their neighborhoods who would otherwise have gone without care.

“Listen to our patients: It’s working, it’s saving lives,” said Sherry Hirota, Chief Executive Officer Asian Health Services.

At West Oakland Health Council, more than 75 doctors, nurses, and caregivers convened, as part of the nationwide celebration. “ACA means less suffering, better health, a thriving community,” said Dr. Adrian James, Chief Medical Officer at West Oakland Health Center. “Our West Oakland Health Council family lives and breathes that truth.”

We want to thank the elected officials, and those represented by their staff, who came to express their appreciation to the health center staff including: Senator Diane Feinstein, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Congressman Eric Swalwell, State Senator Nancy Skinner, Assemblymember Rob Bonta, and Alameda County Supervisors Keith Carson, Wilma Chan, Scott Haggerty and Nathan Miley

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