A Commitment to Oral Health

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A Commitment to Oral Health – Dental Care is a Human Right

Alameda Health Consortium is committed to compassionate, excellent and affordable care.  People with oral health are more job-ready, have better overall health, and have greater self-esteem.  Oral disease in children and adults is higher in low income communities, but, now, people than ever have insurance that includes a dental benefit.  Yet, two out of three people with Medi-Cal or HealthPAC coverage can’t visit a dentist due to lack of clinic capacity.

The lack of clinic space is the limiting factor in Alameda County’s ability to fully serve the community with the level of dental services needed.  Two-thirds of the patients who receive medical services at AHC health centers still cannot get recommended dental care for lack of clinic space.

Our dental director leadership continues to implement Alameda County Oral Health Strategic Plan.  The State 1115 Medi-Cal Waiver Whole Person Care and Dental Transformation Initiatives further provide unique opportunities to scale-up prevention of untreated urgent dental needs in adults and children.

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