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LifeLong Medical Care’s Sabrina Valdez-Rios Named a College Woman of the Year by Glamour Magazine

Sabrina Valdez-Rios

Blog Contribution: LifeLong Medical Care

For more than 60 years, Glamour Magazine has honored exceptional college women. This year, the recognition focused exclusively on students enrolled in community college. We are pleased that so many more people are going to meet LifeLong Medical Care’s Sabrina Valadez-Rios, one of seven women chosen nationally. An aspiring nurse and public health advocate, she is currently a program specialist for LifeLong’s Heart2Heart effort in addition to being a student.

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Heart 2 Heart fosters connectedness and cohesion, critical for improving community health. By building relationships and trust, Heart 2 Heart works to prevent high blood pressure and heart disease while connecting community members to resources and services they need. The program’s annual health and wellness festival is scheduled for August 21st at San Pablo Park in Berkeley.

First funded by the City of Berkeley in 2008 to address higher rates of heart disease in South Berkeley, the program now covers a wider area including parts of Oakland with added funds provided by Alameda County.

In her role as Heart2Heart program specialist, Sabrina acts as a bridge between community members and health centers. She is extremely dedicated to the communities she serves, especially her hometown of Oakland. This is one profile you might want to print and tuck away. Sabrina just might become mayor of the city someday, and you’ll be able to say “I remember her when…”

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