Wellness Self Management Webinar

Wellness Self-Management (WSM) is a curriculum-based clinical practice designed to assist adults to effectively manage serious mental health problems. It can be done individually or in groups & is based on the evidence-based program “Illness Management Recovery” (IMR). WSM teaches IMR with addition of lessons emphasizing the connection between physical & mental health.

Please make sure you have reviewed the workbook prior to the webinar, as it will be referenced during the presentation. To receive a copy (if you do not already have one), please email Saleena Gupte: sgupte@alamedahealthconsortium.org.

Jennifer Stone, is the Manhattan Regional Director of the Institute for Family Health in New York City and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is a colleague of Virna Little, PsyD, LCSW, who has provided Alameda Health Consortium clinics with Collaborative Care training and technical assistance. Ms. Stone has experience in individual and group therapy, as well as training health providers in evidence-based practices such as Wellness Self-Management and Behavioral Activation.

Webinar recording is available at: http://uwaims.org/alamedacounty/training.html