DSM -5 Training- What's New, What's Different, February 13, 2014


Title: DSM-5: What’s New and Different

Instructor: Rachel B. Michaelsen, LCSW

Instructor Bio: Rachel Michaelsen, LCSW, is a clinical social worker who has worked in HMOs, public agencies, and private practice as both a mental-health provider and a supervisor for more than twenty years. She has taught courses in DSM-5, clinical supervision, law and ethics, childhood psychopathology, and vicarious traumatization at universities, conferences, and mental-health agencies. She provides consultation to agencies, and was a Collaborating Clinical Investigator on the DSM-5 field trials. In her private practice in Oakland, California she provides clinical supervision and works with adults and couples.

Course Description: The DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition)has many significant differences from previous editions, including new diagnoses, changes to previous diagnoses, and a new classification system. In this course, participants will learn the changes to most of the chapters in the manual, changes to familiar diagnoses and they will learn about several new diagnoses.

Course Objectives This course is designed to help participants:

Learn and understand the new structure and organization of the DSM-5

Learn diagnosis new to the DSM-5

Identify the diagnoses that are no longer in use

Identify major changes to the DSM-IV diagnoses

To register, please contact Saleena Gupte sgupte@alamedahealthconsortium.org